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Mental Health First Aid Captain

The programme aims to equip a group of Mainland Taught Postgraduate (TPG) students with Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training to reach out to their peers who are in need of emotional support. They also strive to promote mental health awareness among Mainland TPG students through a variety of mental wellness workshops.


Acquire MHFA knowledge and helping skills

Create connections with and promote mental wellness to your peers

Make a positive impact on the lives of others by extending a helping hand when they are facing challenges

Enhance your leadership skills and event management abilities

Engage in fun mental wellness workshops, including...

By joining
the programme,
you can...
Pastel Nagomi Workshop
Music Meditation
Mindful Yoga
And more...


All HKBU Mainland TPG students

Service Period

September 2023 - May 2024 during term time

Core Training

To become an MHFA Captain, participants must complete the following training provided by the Mental Health Association of Hong Kong (MHAHK).


MHFA Standard Course 
(12 hrs)

  • This internationally accredited certificate course equips participants with the knowledge, skills and confidence in providing initial help to people with developing mental health problems before professional treatments.

Helping Skills Training
(2.5 hrs)

  • The training is an extension course of the MHFA Standard Course.

  • Through role plays and discussion, participants will be equipped with effective communication and helping skills to assist their peers who are experiencing emotional distress.


Duties as a Captain

After completing the core training, Captains must fulfill the following duties...

Providing support to their peers with emotional needs by distributing the MHFA Kits prepared by the Mainland Student Service Unit (MSS), Counselling and Development Centre (CDC)


Sharing caring messages from MSS/CDC to peers regularly


Serving as facilitators in the mental wellness workshops at least once per semester


Professional staff from CDC will always be available and happy to provide advice to any questions Captains may have during their service!

Programme Timeline


Orientation &

Core Training

Mental Wellness Workshops

(Sem 1)

Service Report Submission

(Sem 1)

Mental Wellness Workshops

(Sem 2)

Service Report Submission

(Sem 2)

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A Certificate of Appreciation will be awarded to Captains who have completed all core training and duties.

Programme Application
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